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ABC MART 來自日本大型流行鞋靴通路

在日本有許多觀光客或是流行人士,將ABC MART視為到日本旅遊必逛的商店之一,因為ABC MART不僅商品優惠,在商品種類上也相當的齊全。除了各大流行品牌, ABC MART獨家品牌Vans、Danner、Hawkins、Stefanorossi及Nuovo, 品牌及商品屬性,涵蓋全年齡性的消費者!

目前台灣ABC MART手中持有多達250幾種鞋類齊全的商品線,依營業點週邊商圈屬性、消費者來挑選出30~50種適合該營業點性質的商品來販售。除了各大品牌及流行款式,ABC MART各個品牌都有專屬於ABC MART販售的獨家限定商品,消費者來到ABC MART的第一個印象是『哇!都是他想購買的鞋子』,ABC MART讓有購鞋需求的消費者,決不會空手而回!

快來體驗ABC MART獨特的日式購物體驗,多樣化商品組合,日本同步的流行新樂趣!

ABC MART, the largest footwear retail channel from Japan now’s in Taiwan

ABC MART JP is regarded as a certain itinerary for tourists and fashion crews in their trip. ABC MART provides favorable price, diverse product mix and“Trend”.

Besides the popular brand NIKE, ADDIDAS, NEW BALANCE et cetera, ABC MART has our own exclusive shoe brands, Vans、Danner、Hawkins、Stefanorossi and Nuovo.

A variety of shoes are available for every clients, we have more than 250 skus shoe products, meanwhile ABC MART choose the best of best for customers which base on the location, fashion trend and market . In addition, ABC MART also offer SMU ( Special Make Up) with each brand, simultaneous edition launch with Korea and Japan.

Our shoes are all freakin’ dope! We got every type of shoes you need and you will never walk out the store without one.

Welcome and enjoy the unique experiences.