Jack Nicklaus

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傑克。尼克勞斯 是20世紀最偉大的運動球員,素有「黃金熊」(Golden Bear)稱號,也是一位充滿高度耐力和智慧的球王,他的高爾夫職業生涯中共贏得上百次職業賽事的勝利,和18次重要四大賽冠軍。連老虎伍茲至今仍未能突破他的冠軍紀錄。球技高超的他,同時也是一位出色的球場設計師,2008年由宏金熊國際股份有限公司取得台灣總代理,跨入國內高爾夫休閒品牌,以迎接用動與休閒的新概念,全力打造一個全新的高爾夫時尚運動系列。

Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. Nicknamed”the Golden Bear”, the records of his conquests on the golf course, consisting of hundreds of wins and 18 tournament champions, have yet to be defeated even by the likes of Tiger Woods. He is also a designer of golf courses. In 2008,Hung Chin Hsiung International co., Ltd was chosen as the Taiwanese representative for the brand, and had stepped onto the market for recreational golf fashion apparel. Our company hopes to create new of golf fashion sport collections in anticipation of the new concept of sports and recreation.